Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Right, here we go then. This is the first week that their will be 3 classes instead of the usual 1.
Last week, I thought I would have had to cancel the class at the West End Centre because of the council using the hall for a polling station. But not so, as 2 of the regular LATIN FITTERS, Sheila & Lisa offered us the back room of their pub for the night, (The Bulls Head in Blaby). It turned out to be a cracking night. A full house and I had to refuse people that called up & wanted to come. So it seems that that end of town is quite popular. Because of this I've now booked The Blaby Social Centre for every Weds night. So the new times etc are:-

WEDS evenings 6.30pm - 7.30pm
Leicester Rd, Blaby, LE8 4GQ

THURS mornings 9.30am - 10.30am &
THURS evenings 6.45pm - 7.45pm
Andrewes St, (off Hinckley Rd), Leic, LE3 5PA

Also I've ordered some new speakers so that we can really get some great sounds. Slight prob with courier today who couldn't find my address???? Lets hope they redeliver tomorrow as so far my music mix is sounding fantastic. I just have a couple more tracks to add.

So far everyone seems to have enjoyed the classes. Their are always lots of flushed sweaty happy faces at the end. I tell you, these moves work. They make you feel fantastic. I've become so much more confident myself over the past 8 weeks just from doing these moves. I swear I'm walking taller. Initially the class was for everyone, male or female, just turn up type thing, but now the moves are developing into become strongly feminine which is why it's now women only. No it's not just pelvic thrusting. It's strong, funky, sexy moves that embrace the feminine energy within us in a safe & comfortable environment. For confidence it's spot on. Also, as Theresa pointed out a couple of weeks ago, my upper back is looking really toned. So it must be working. Now that there's 3 classes, it gives people the option of attending more than 1. Now, exercising so close together is a brilliant way of burning loads of calories and really blasting away at that fat. If you eat well between classes i.e. lots of fruit & veg, good quality protein & slow release carbs like oats, and drink LOADS of water, then you'll get maximum benefit and feel invigorated and alive afterwards. It'll really set you up for the rest of your week.

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