Thursday, 13 May 2010

Stop the wobbly bits wobbling!

Right girls. If you're serious about getting fit, burning off that spare fat that ok yes I know you paid for it, ate it and I'm sure thoroughly enjoyed it. But if you're serious about being serious than get your wobbly backside down to a LATIN FIT class. If you have one of those spare tyres that the guys down at masterfit super tyre shop would love to buy off you to fit in all their cars, then let me show you how to unlock the nut and release it....(you still following?) Now I know you want to keep that fat warm and comfortable and you wrap it up in layers of clothes especially black ones - because it's slimming right? You nurture it and feed it chocolate and wine (or pint of lager) and hot takeaways, and you curl up with it on the sofa with your comfy joggers and the tv. Well it loves to rest after a long day and be entertained by the tv. It's very persuasive, this fat of yours. It will play with your mind everytime you think of taking a walk.
"Sssssssit down" it whispers inside your head.
"It's much more comfy over here in the warm"
And God forbid you try on your summer clothes.
"Noooooo, don't put that on, look, everyone will see me. Wobbling about under the hem of that T-shirt. Put some long sleeves on. I'm cold out here hanging around at the back of your arms. Cover me up pleeeeassse".
Well isn't it about time you took control of the situation, and showed it who's boss. After all, you're a strong woman right. You can juggle your kids, man, job, housework, shopping, business, friends, organise parties, book holidays & keep your car filled up with petrol can't you (delete as appropriate). Well isn't it about time you took control of your fat. Tell it to slip off and hang around someone else. Like a bad smell, sometimes you've just got to walk away and disown it! (noooo, we don't do that really). In fact, burn it off and poo it down the toilet. Give the council workers something to do (no offence to council workers personally, it's just that they've been spending a lot of time sitting in their vans reading newspapers outside my house recently. I thought it was supposed to be, work, then breaktime for 15 mins, then work again. They do it in reverse). I've digressed. Yes, get rid, who wants it, the horrible white slimy stuff that slows you down, gets in the way of buttons and zippers, and still keeps jiggling even when you've stopped walking. Plus, it makes us sick, costs a fortune in medicine and makes us avoid mirrors like the plague.
So, what's the alternative? Smooth thighs. Oooh! Clothes with less fabric. More space in your suitcase, and no overweight charges at the airport because you simply MUST take that big baggy comfort jumper with you. Instead, how about a nice 'wrap' or little cardy? Sexy looking calves. Knees!!!! Fantastic toned arms - no bats in sight! A bum that is 'accentuated' rather than hidden. And a stomach that doesn't like your backside. FLAT! Let me tell you, you'll feel gooooood that fat has gone. It's not really your real friend anyway. It talks behind your back. And we don't want friends like that anyway do we. Ditch em!!!

Now, I said you'll feel gooooooood, when the fat's gone. But it's more than that. It's a confidence that people will notice in you, and can't quite put their finger on. You'll glow, you'll walk tall. Maybe even strut a little. You'll have that inner smile, which is the real you. This outside crap is just that. Its the fake you, that you've accumulated and put on for the outside world. It's kept you protected and safe so far. It's served it's purpose. It's time to go.

But is it that easy to do? Only you can answer that. Weigh it up against the potential consequences. It's all about the decision. The decision that you make....for you.
" It's in the moment of our decisions, that our lives are shaped". Tony Robbins said that, and how true it is. It's something we're never taught at school. How to make decisions. Maths, English, Geog and Hist etc. Great. But what about decision making? How different would our lives have been if we had just taken a couple more seconds....or less in some cases, to make that all important decision, that's brought us to where we are today.

So! What decision are you going to make today? Is it to drink an extra glass of water. Is it to say NO to 'that thing' that you've been to soft about. Is it to decide who's boss? Is it to dance in the kitchen with the radio on? Whatever it is, I'll give you a million pound tip.
Sounds unimportant, but I can assure you, the most amazing things happen when you write it down. And another thing, DON'T put 'I want' in from of it i.e 'I want a slimmer body'. Put 'GET A BETTER BODY' or 'GET FIT' or 'CHUCK MY FAT JEANS IN THE BIN' (sorry I know we're supposed to recycle, but just get rid somehow). If you put 'I want' than you will get just that. The wanting.

So. That's me off my soapbox for this post. I'm going to top up my bath water as it's gone a bit cold now, add some seasalt to soothe my aching bum from this mornings class, and drink a pint of water....yes, with lemon :).

So signing off for now.

Lots of Love

Kathy x

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