Thursday, 13 May 2010

Trust your gut instinct!

Well what a week. I jumped from 1 class, to 3 this week. That wasn't the original plan. I was going to do it gradually, so only booked 2 venues. But something didn't sit right in my mind and was bugging me. I didn't feel right about cancelling the Thurs night room. It made good logical sense, but not good sense to my gut. It even kept me awake worrying about it and wondering if I'd made a bad decision. I thought I was being practical by building up slowly from 1 class to 2 and then in the future, to 3. Anyway, sometimes (especially as women), we have to follow our gut instincts. So I made the call and booked my Thurs night at West End Centre back again. Even though I hadn't got any confirmed people to attend. Straight away I felt better. Since then, people called and told me how relieved they were that they could still come on Thurs nights. Or as one lady told me, she can't miss her 'Latin Fix'.

So after a thoroughly enjoyable week I am now retiring to bed. Tired, nicely aching from some great workouts, and with surprisingly SMOOTH SKIN. (I've had more showers in the past 2 days, than I normally get in a week). I wish you all well, and look forward to seeing you all next week. Tell your friends, spread the word, help them get fit you.

Much love

Kathy x

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