Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Wow. I've just got home from a wicked class, (well via an essential petrol and food stop on the way). I swear my backside has lifted at least an inch. It aches!! But definately feels firmer. These moves didn't seem quite so intense when I was practising them in my lounge this afternoon. I did not have a healthy glow at the end of the class tonight. I had a fully lit beacon for a head. Not a pretty sight walking around Sainsburys like that. Fortunately I was wearing Tai's bright red hoody to match my face. These moves WORK, I tell you.

The new venue in Blaby is brilliant. It's the first time I've been in there tonight, and it's great. PLUS I picked up my spanking new speakers today (the courier that I paid next day delivery with, and I'm sure has SATNAV couldn't find my house). Anyway, the sound was brilliant - plus they have funky blue lights on the front and look cool. I really don't know how I managed without them. I can't believe my ION Block Rocker hasn't blown up with the effort that it's been putting out so far. In fact I can't believe anyone came back to the classes, as compared to tonight, the music volume and clarity has been rubbish so far. I mixed in a few oldies for tonight with a latin beat like 'Rhythm is a Dancer' and a bit of 'Ricky the man Martin' himself. Thoroughly enjoyed it.

I've also upped the toning section as the regular ladies are getting fitter now and so could do it. Everyone did really well tonight and seemed to enjoy the extra push. I'm looking forward to getting some before and after pics of us so that others can see the results.

So I'm going to have myself a lovely green tea and a well earned nibble on some nutty turkish delight before bed, to get some zzzz's before the next class at the West End Centre in the morning.

Goodnight everyone

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