Sunday, 13 June 2010

Breastfeeding & Running (not at same time)

Went for a 6 miler this morning. Realised it's my longest run since having my baby (which is shockingly a year ago, tho feels like a couple of months). Anyway I've been just doing 3's and 4's up to now, with my first 3 miler (5k) being the Leicester Race for Life 3 weeks after giving birth. It was a bit sore to do but I was VERY pleased with the result. I had to finish quick because I needed to breastfeed baby. A very kind lady from West End Running CLub let me sit in her tent while I fed him,....and help myself to their biscuits. When baby was small I used to run a lot. I'd put him in his buggy and run the path up at Bradgate Park, or around the streets nr home. I remember running with my Mum up at Braggy and I was particularly knackered that day anyway. It began to snow/hail really heavily, so we turned back and went into the pub for a lovely lunch. Bradgate Arms in Newtown Linford do a greeeat 'Shrooms' salad by the way.

Anyway, I realised this morning that I want to run more. I felt that buzz again today. I hadn't realised how much I've missed it. I love the solitude. Sunday mornings are great for running. Week day mornings are great too. It's very liberating knowing that I'm out running in a place where are no clocks, just seasons. No rush hour traffic, just deer being driven to their feeding ground. No boss determining what I do, just the weather. No air conditioning, just crisp morning air. No back ache from leaning over a keyboard. Just tension in my shoulders from pushing myself. No voices over a tannoy, just the voices in my head.

Yes I love it!

I'm back!

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