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LATIN FIT has monthlies!!

Hello Lovely Leicester Ladies.

I’m writing to let you know that LATIN FIT Ltd is now all loved up & vibrant.  We have some magical new monthly packages to guide you to your paradise life.

They are full of secret techniques to unlock your heart & kiss procrastination goodbye.

So let me ask you…..

·       Do you have goals & dreams for your future?

·       Have you hidden your desires secretly away?

·       Would you love to make your bad habits disappear like magic & feel like a Princess or even a Queen?

Then read on…….

LATIN FITLtd is here to coach you to the moon, the stars & beyond.

YES it is possible! 

How will we do this? 

My name is Kathy Hector & my dream has always been to inspire people to do better.  It pains me to see women with dreams unlived & unloved due to lack of confidence & support.

I’ve spent years in personal development, learning directly with people such as Anthony Robbins, Clinton Swain, Chris Howard, Roger Hamilton, Bob Proctor, John De Martini, Paul McKenna, Richard Bandler, Getrude Matshe, Lucy ‘Rockstar’ Johnson, Joy Marsden & the Leicester Business Women’s network (you can google them all to get a better picture).  I’ve achieved my own dreams & helped others achieve theirs.

I’m trained in NLP, Sports Therapy, Nutrition, Fitness, Teaching, Holistic Therapies & I’m an excellent massage therapist (or so I’ve been told).  Some of you will know me from The Therapy Room clinic in The Allandale Road shops in Stoneygate.

Anyway blah blah blah.  What does this actually mean?

o     It means - I know what it feels like to feel crap & uninspired.
o     It means - I rose out of it using the same techniques I’m going to use with you.
o     It means – You WILL reach your desires...If you want to?
o     It means - that this is actually possible.
o     It means I’ll be with you every step of the way.

So here it is.  A program designed by women…for women.

So to kiss procrastination goodbye & reach for YOUR moon & stars, BOOK YOUR FUTURE NOW.  You start at SILVER & shimmy your way up. 

“When is NOW a good time to feel like a STAR & really shine?”

The idea is that you only move up the ranks when you feel ready to.  We are here to guide, inspire & take care of you the whole way.

All of these deals are backed by my personal MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.  If at any time in your journey, you feel that it is not suitable for you at this time then just let me know & you can keep all of your products, manuals & goodies that you’ve received so far & I’ll refund your payment for that month.

If you implement everything in each precious package fully, then you WILL reach your goals & dreams…….that’s my promise.

“So many women just don’t know how great they really are”
                                                              Mary Kay Ash of Mary Kay Cosmetics  
So read on and book now……

Silver Start NOW

Initial Private Consultation – to clarify what you want.
Dream Board Building Session Your future mapped out in pictures.
‘The Secret’ DVD – your own copy.
Weekly Inspiring Emails - to keep you on track.
Blank Weekly Food Diary to record what you REALLY eat.
Photo & Video Shoot – Capturing you now, with your dreams for the future.
Fat Blasting Food Guide to start NOW.
Latin Fit Tote Bag to carry to classes or for impromptu shopping.
….and of course, Unlimited Entry to ALL Latin Fit classes.

£37 per month

To Get Started NOW.  Just copy & paste the pink line below in a reply email.

That’s it!! 

Then I’ll send you the payment details & we can start chatting as soon as possible.

“I want to feel GREAT & achieve my dreams.  Get me started NOW!”

If you are happy staying at Silver then that’s brilliant.  You only move up to the next level if & when you are ready to move closer to your dreams & goals.

Gold Results Guaranteed
Monthly Dream Setting Coaching Session.– Create your future for the next month.
Online Workouts (or DVD) for defining a sleek supple body.  Members Only Access.
The Amazing ‘10 Day Challenge’.  THE detox & energizer for your new life.
Healthy Recipe Book stacked with ideas of what to eat for great skin & hair, hormonal changes, busy lifestyles etc.
Latin Fit Vest/T-Shirt.  Flattering to workout in or wear out.
More Photos & Videos taken of your progress so far.
Weekly Inspiring Emails.
Unlimited Entry to ALL Latin Fit classes.

£97 per month

Platinum Luxury Motivation

Walk & Tone with ‘Dream catch-up’.  An inspirational walk & tone up followed by a heart warming chat over breakfast discussing your progress so far.
Personal ‘My Way to Fitness’ Plan designed around YOUR lifestyle.
Skin care & Pampering. To enhance your new look & attitude.
Personalized Journal to create your daily To Do lists & progress.
Latin Fit Hoodie or Sweatshirt.  Cosy for the cooler weather.
Gratitude Letter Package – Write a letter to yourself that is sealed & posted back to you in 6 months time.
Vision Board Re-Vamp – by now it will need updating as your goals become more fluid.
Photos & Videos capturing your progress so far.
Monthly Dream Setting Coaching Session.
Online Workouts (or DVD) for defining a sleek supple body.  Members Only Access.
Weekly Inspiring Emails.
Unlimited Entry to ALL Latin Fit classes.

£157 per month

DiamondFit & Fabulous

One to One Personal Training Session.
Appointment with our Image Consultant to create your new look.
Photos & Videos of your progress so far.
Presentation of Your Own DVD movie.  A movie montage of your photos & videos taken, capturing the essence of your growth to FABULOUS.
Sexy Black Workout Pants to fit your new toned figure.
NEW ‘My Dream Life’ Plan designed specifically for you.
Monthly Dream Setting Coaching Session.  Always recreating, as your desires shape up.
Online Workouts (or DVD) for defining a sleek supple body.  Members Only Access.
Weekly Inspiring Emails.
Unlimited Entry to ALL Latin Fit classes.

£227 per month


By now you will no doubt be feeling fantastic & will have achieved your dreams so far.
So we would like to invite you to stay on to be a Latin Fit Super Star

While it is of course fantastic to go back into the ‘real’ world & show off your amazing new self.  The reality of it is that although many people will be very happy & proud of you for what you’ve achieved….there are others (& often whom we least expect) who may be uncomfortable with you looking so great.  This is because your slim body will make them feel fatter next to you.  Your new job will make theirs seem mundane.  Your new close relationship with your spouse will show up their inability to communicate much more than it would have before.  Your energy levels & positive attitude will make them feel lazy.  You get the picture right? 

This is usually not intentionally done and almost always, the person is not even consciously aware of the remarks (or temptations) they dish out to you.  However, it happens…believe me.

So to help keep you on track & to actually BECOME your New Self  rather than it be something you did just once.  We invite you to stay with us & pay just £47 a month.  For this you will have continued Unlimited Entry to all Latin Fit classes.  You’ll continue to receive your Weekly Inspiring Emails & will have ongoing access to the Online Workouts to continue sculpting your body.  You are also invited to join in with any of the Monthly Dream Setting & Vision Board Building sessions to keep your intentions refreshed & updated.

We will look after & guide you for as long as you want us to.

"We must have a theme, a goal, a purpose in our lives. If you don't know where you're aiming, you don't have a goal”. ……….. “Give yourself something to work toward--constantly."       Mary Kay Ash of Mary Kay Cosmetics

Oh yes!  The future is SO bright!!!

To Get Started Now.  Just copy and paste the pink line below in a reply email.  That’s it!! 

I will send you all the payment details you’ll need.

“I want to feel GREAT & achieve my dreams.  Get me started NOW!”

To your success

Kathy xx

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