Sunday, 19 September 2010

Be proud to have a waistline.

I have just written this in response to a request for some Latin Fit info to go into an article about Women in Business and I thought I'd share it with you first.

"I believe that if we as women can feel confident in our femininity, and recognise what can be achieved by being fit and healthy, we can move mountains.  We should be proud to walk with a swing in our hips and our shoulders back.  Much better than walking head down, swamping ourselves in baggy clothes, comfort eating & getting out of breath carrying a few shopping bags.   Being feminine is not all about frills, flowers and flimsiness.  Being feminine is about being proud of who you are. Confident with your body, healthy on the inside, looking fantastic on the outside, with a waistline to prove it.   We have a lot to do in this life.  We have a lot of people to take care of.  We need to be as fit as possible in order to fulfil all of our roles, and truly live life fully".

Latin Fit has changed my life.  Let it change yours!  X

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