Saturday, 4 September 2010

Car Boot Cleansing

Tomorrow from around 5.30am til midday-ish I will be at the Car Boot Sale on the A47 selling off some of my old c- stuff.  Had a clear out a couple of weeks back but I know that there are still some clothes that I haven't worn for years but I just don't wanna let them go.  They're clogging up my wardrobe.  SO.  I'm gonna go and whip round the wardrobe again and be brave this time. 
I can only move forward if I really let go of the past.  The present is just that....A Present!  A gift.  Every day is new, so why should I drag around my past?  It just clogs up my present and delays my future.
I have to clear the old, to make way for the new.  So if I'm applying it to my inner body then I'll apply it to my outer body too.  

It's liberating. 
It's freeing
It's cleansing

Next step, colonics..................

Oh By the Way.  I took the car to a car wash today too (for the first time in a few years).  My car is now cleansed......

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