Saturday, 4 September 2010

Day 0.5 of 10 Day Detox starting 2moro.

Right then, I've been to the market today and bought 20 quids worth of veggies & fruit(which was the max I could safely load into the baby buggy without squashing him).
Then went and had a luscious prawn noodle dish at Wagamamas as a last burst before my clear out starting tomorrow.
My gremlin on my shoulder is working overtime tonight by slowing me down, sidetracking me and generally putting me off sitting down to blog this. I've already sat and watched 3 episodes of Sex & The City, knowing full well I've got stacks to do & prepare. Even now I'm thinking of what can I find in the kitchen to eat. Procrastination is working hard core tonight.
HOWEVER my announcment in the class on Thursday night that I was doing this 10 day detox seems to have spiked your interest and so for those of you that have asked me if you can do it too. The answer is of course YES! I know that you are waiting for this, so here goes.

Firstly, DO Drink a glass of water AS SOON AS YOU WAKE UP!

Why: This is SOOOOO important. Your body will have become dehydrated through the night & you need to replenish. How much should you drink in a day? It's different for everyone. Here's what you need.
Whatever your body weight is in pounds (lbs). Half of that number in fluid ounces (ozs) is what you need. So, if you weigh 150lbs, then you need 75 fluid ozs of water a day. Add lemon to that and just for the purpose of these 10 days (but not if you usually have high blood pressure) add a couple of grains of an organic sea salt. Buy a box from the supermarket and use the rest in your bath...more on this later.

****If you are now saying to yourself "I can't drink water" then STOP NOW and do not go any further and don't waste your time, because drinking water is a major part of this detox and in fact life itself. Without it, you will die ....sooner rather than later ********

Number 2: DO, take 10 Power Breaths in the ratio: 1-4-2
So you could breathe in for the count of 4, hold for 16 & exhale for 8.
Or breathe in for 8, hold for 32 & exhale for 16....You pick the numbers.

Why: You need to rid your lungs of all of the stale air & toxins accumulated deep in your lungs slowing you down. Plus this will stretch the muscles between your ribs and in your chest and improve your posture.

Number 3: Lymphazize for 10-15 mins twice a day. If you know what this is then do it. If you don't, I'll tell you tomorrow, don't worry about it for now. (BTW, it involves a trampoline)

Number 4: DO eat only fruit before midday.
If it's organic even better. If not then scrub under a running tap with WARM water. Warm water will remove more pesticides (though sadly not all). That includes bananas, oranges, lemons and other fruits with skins. Always eat fruit on an empty stomach....more about this in another post.

*********(If you are diabetic or have any other situation where you have to monitor what you eat. Please DO NOT attempt this right now. Bring your body back into balance over time by eating healthily and regularly, taking daily exercise and drinking plenty of water. Only then must you consider this). *******

Fruit will alkalise your body...especially lemons and limes believe it or not. A predominantly alkaline body is a healthy one. An acid body is a decaying one. Here is a list of the main acid forming foods & things you must omit from your life for the next 10 days.....

1.Animal Flesh (including fish)
(Have you ever smelt the breath of someone on that very famous and very dangerous high protein diet? That is the smell of rotting flesh)
Your protein only needs to be 5-6% per day & will come from your veggies etc which are more efficient, & have more antioxidents, fibre & minerals.

2. Dairy Products
Diary is highly acidic and actually will line your intestines with mucus, preventing them from absorbing nutrients from the other healthy foods you are eating. Plus, COW'S MILK LEECHES CALCIUM FROM YOUR BONES!!!!
Do your own research if you want to on this, but this is one of the biggest lies we have been fed by the people funding the ads with attractive people with white moustaches, for years. Milk is NOT good for you. Calcium IS! And that my friends you can get from veggies, nuts & some grains. So for the next 10 days....NO milk, cheese, yoghurts, soups with a milk base (which is basically most of them except minestrone - unless you make your own). I'll give you some more horrifying facts about milk in a future post too.

3: Alcohol
For obvious reasons. There's no point in doing a detox and drinking alcohol at the same time matter how many hints of blackberry, cherry, and plum your bottle of red has. And Apple Vodka...also a no-no. Alcohol is highly acidic & very toxic to the brain...just think of the 'less than intelligent' things you may have resorted to whilst under the influence....say no more!

4: Margarine
OMG this one should never ever be on your food list ever. Please don't eat plastic. Why 'can't I believe it's not butter'? Because it really isn't. Flies won't even land on it. This goes for any kind of processed fat.

5: Wheat
"Wheat burns the tips of the villi, causing them to shrink. White flour not only burns the tips of the villii; it also coats the intestines with an unnatural mucoid plaque. When the condition becomes serious it is then given a name. It is called 'celiac disease'. It is the gluten in the wheat flour which does the damage. Wheat is by far the worst, but rye, barley and oats can also cause problems."

"In many cases, this mucus and the poisons contained within it have been there since we were children - in some cases, babies. During effective cleansing, this old substance breaks up, and people often recall incidents that occurred a long time ago. Many temporarily feel emotions they were feeling when they ate something years ago. I believe this is because emotions and thoughts actually become stuck in the proteins that comprise the protective mucus, and also in the proteins in the cells"
'Cleanse & Purify Yourself - Book 2' by Richard Anderson.

According to the RSPB(royal society for the protection of birds , no bread should be given to birds because it has no nutritional value and doesnt give birds enough energy for the day. Bread is bad for birds !

But 'they' can advertise it as a good food for our kids ? the trick is , they say "it can help" or "be part of a stable diet" "part" and "it can help" does not mean it's good for us )

PLUS Wheat has been linked to rage!!!!!!!

6: Whites
White pasta, rice, etc
There are no vital nutrients left with all of the husk/brown/fibre removed.
If you really want to, use grains like Amarinth, Quinoa (say keen-wa), millet etc.

7: Sugar
Supposedly more addictive than heroin. Again I'll go into the whys etc later. But for now, don't have it...that includes diet drinks with sugar alternatives. No!

8: Caffeine


10: Vinegar
A little apple cider vinegar is ok but not for these 10 days

11: Drugs
Illegal as well as medication. Now let's be clear here. Please continue to take all of your prescribed medication as instructed. I'm talking about headache pills, energy pills, pills to make you wake up, go to sleep, digest food better, DIET pills (stop these please).

If you've reached this point and you're still with me, well done. If you have no intention of commiting to your health and kick starting your life in the next 10 days, no problem. This is not for the weak. Only the committed. It is healthy, positive, packed with nutrients and life changing.

Now here's for the good part. What you can eat.

Loads of vegetables. Lightly steamed or raw. Juicy Salads. Delicious nuts. Almonds are delicious roasted in a dry frying pan or soaked in water. All kinds of seeds. Oats (try Mornflake organic Approx £1.28 a box). Delicious fruits. Make smoothies (without milk of course) or fresh juices. Add fresh herbs to your foods (mint to the Papaya Salad in an earlier blog post - Thanks Jenny Jackson - is delicious). Make mint tea. Drink clear teas like jasmine, redbush, lemon, fruit, etc Use plenty of oil (cold pressed) like olive, walnut, etc. Avocados eat eat eat they are soooo good for you.

On a final note: Get plenty of sleep. I'm signing off now because it is almost 1am and I have a baby that's going to wake me up at the crack of dawn.

So, DAY 1 is water, breathe, lymphasize (poss), & fruit for breakfast.

Sending you fresh cleansing vibes

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