Saturday, 4 September 2010

DAY 1 of 10 Day Detox

My Breakfast this Morning on Day 1
Mango, Blueberries, Grapes, Kiwi (I leave the hairy skin on) & Banana.
Very scrumptious.  The mango was a bit slushy but so sweet.

I made a video yesterday and OMG I look rough.  However, I'm having uploading and memory problems (literally) and on my laptop so will have to add it at a later date. I don't usually allow this much scrutiny, but I have some serious bags under my eyes and lines too.  What you can't see is that I also have 4 mouth ulcers stinging away inside my mouth.  A classic sign of stress (too much acid) & missing on nutrients.

How do I feel today?
Hungry!  I know I 'feel' hungry but I also know it's my psychological gremlin messing with me, because I often have fruit for breakfast anyway.  It's just trying to make me feel bad and make some toast.  Otherwise I ache in my belly, shoulders, neck & hips (could have been the Flat Belly Samba #2 from this week).  These aches are what prompted me to do this. 
Also after doing my 10 cleansing breaths this morning I was left with a bit of a headache.  I'd forgotten about that part.
By the Way:  I did this detox before a few years back and the results were FANTASTIC!  My energy levels rocketed.  I was training to run a half marathon at the time and ran 10 mins faster over a 12 mile training run without even realising.  PLUS it was in the hot sun, & I was having a conversation with my training partner the whole time. 
I felt clear, & light and could REMEMBER things!
Hence, why I'm doing it again.....Oh and my belly went flat courtesy of frequent visits to the toilet.

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