Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Day 10 & p###ed off with procrastination

Still putting things off.  So I've decided to go with the flow cause I'll only annoy myself more.  This is a short one today cause that's the state of mind I was in.  However when I went to do the Monday morning class at Fitness First I was a lot more awake. In fact I arrived 20 minutes earlier than usual and was very organised and did not have a thick head which I used to have on a Monday (would have had dessert and gravy on Sunday - not together).  Class was fab.  Loving those Cha Cha moves.
I kept myself busy all day while still managing to avoid the paperwork and admin.  Thoroughly p###ed off with being p###ed off.  So I enjoyed the smaller things more closer to my heart and spent a lot of time at ground level (literally), playing with baby and watching him as he was figuring things out in his own little world.  The build up of work on my mental back had become almost overwhelming and was affecting my stress levels, which just produces acid which is not great anyway but especially now as the whole point of this is about alkalising and removing the acids (meat, dairy, stress, sugar, alcohol etc) from the body in order to put it into a prime state for healing and loss of unecessary weight.  So I kicked back, chilled out, and enjoyed the moments.......and most importantly, didn't feel guilty about it.

Here is a pic of me taken the day before the detox.  How rough do I look.
Look at those heavy lines and lazy eyes.
Now here is one I've just taken
Look at the difference.  It's still not great hence my continuation.  But look, my horizontal forehead lines have gone.  The lines from the sides of my nose to my mouth are now almost one instead of 2 (this is because of the improvement in elasticity in my facial muscles).  The outline of my face is smoother also, if you notice in the first one my cheeks are sagging.  My eyes are shinier and clearer and my skin has more of a glow.  I'm also looking a bit spotty - this is the toxins coming out of my skin.  I have 'before' jelly belly pics also but just need to find which camera they are on then will take the 'after' ones and add them too.

By the Way.  This is Day 10 and this is not the end.  This is just the beginning.  Amazing things are brewing.  Amazing things are going to happen.  This is my life.  These are my choices.  And I will blast off this cloud of c**p that has been hanging over me for so long and clear the air inside and around me so I can see the future clear and bright. Yeah!

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