Monday, 6 September 2010

DAY 2 of 10 day detox

Hi Folks
It's the morning of Day 3 and I had 10 hours sleep last night and could quite easily have carried on.  Over the last fews months I've been getting between 2 and 5 hrs a night.  I think it must be catching up with me.  Did my Car Boot Cleansing yesterday and watched people come and buy some of my old favourite clothes.  Everyone that bought them looked like they really wanted them and I'm really glad they've gone to good homes.  I sold my gorgeous lime green (it's nicer than it sounds), fitted, linen NEXT dress that swings as you walk to a lovely afro caribbean lady that I know it will look amazing on.  I've tried it on so many times but the day didn't quite suit, and so she bought it for £3.50 virtually unworn (well I hope not because I noticed the label still attached at the bottom - really hope I never went out in it!!!!!????).
Anyway, I ate fruit all morning (and it was a long morning), followed by oats mixed with fruit tea for pre lunch, then steamed vegetables and mashed potato for lunch.  Then I went out to do a massage for someone and back home for a lovely fat salad that Tai had made for me.
I was a bit moody today, and felt there was a cloud over me the whole day.  This sometimes happens at the beginning of a detox.
Right, it's the morning of Day 3 and I've just eaten a lovely fruit salad with mango and pineapple and loads more.  I'm still tired, but I don't ache.  So gonna hit the shower then it's off to Fitness First for my class.  Expecting some new ladies this morning so looking forward to that.  We'll be doing The Flat Belly Samba #2 routine this morning.  It starts off with the Hip Hip Chin Chin song which has a FANTASTIC Samba rhythm.  Just right for shaking....................

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