Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Day 4 of 10 Detox. Craving BIG food and laptop detox

I'm only hungry because I'm not having the heavy food like bread in the morning.  I had a lovely fresh juice this morning of:
red pepper
My juicer was a present from my Mum & Day when I was pregnant and it is one of the best presents ever.  I use it so much.  Did you know that raw carrots are so hard to digest that a really small amount (about 5% - I'll find out the exact %) is absorbed.  If they're cooked ie steamed then that increases but you lose some of the nutrients.  But when it is juiced, it's like 80% of something like that.  Baby also has a bottle of this juice first thing in the morning....and loves it.
After this I ate a lovely fruit salad.  But an hour later....hungry.  Craving fat eggs on toast and tea.  So what to eat?   More fruit as it's only fruit before midday.  Then at lunch I had roasted veg (corgette, pepper, onion, tomatoes & garlic) with sweet potato mash.  This satisfied my big food craving......well it did after my second helping.

Water:  Drinking loads more water today, especially as I've booked my colonic irrigation for 11am tomorrow (Day 5).  Figured I'd help it along.  Getting a bit of a headache today especially after a few glasses of water.  Am much more awake and focused now.  When I did this same detox some years back, I was previously eating meat, dairy and drinking coffee, and by Day 3 & 4 of the detox was feeling really crap. I had banging headaches, forgetfulness, aching body and looked grey and awful.  I was bad tempered and generally feeling slightly detached from reality...and not in a good way!  Because now I rarely eat meat (if I do it's at someone else's house or a party etc), so that's maybe once every few months, if that.  Dairy usually not but have been lazy on this lately and had the odd latte. Plus I eat butter (only organic).  Caffeine, would be a latte if I'm out, although the last few weeks I've been opting for tea or cocoa made with soya milk.  I think this is why I don't feel so rough as before.
This evening was spent climbing around on a roof hoisting up a VERY heavy 3 seater sofa into my first floor narrow staircased flat, so lots of heavy breathing there.
After this I went off to meet a lovely lady who has just joined the Luxury Monthly Coaching, and so had a lovely inspiring conversation over a fruit tea.  We both sat there in this lovely restaurant and I think we were the only people not eating.  And the food there is goooooddd.  We are goooooooddd. lol! (she's following the detox too).
So i went home for my own dinner of 'almost' sweetcorn until I changed my mind thinking of my colonic tomorrow!!!!!!!  So I had a big bowl of oats made with organic unsweetened soya milk.  I added 2 bananas, some powdered flaxseed, sunflower seeds and chopped organic dried apricots.  It was very yum.  Then I remembered that you are only supposed to eat fruit on an empty stomach.  This is so that it can be digested really efficiently and not interfere with the digestion of the other foods.  Anyway, too late now.  It's in my tum!
I decided against watching a DVD and read my newly acquired book (thanks Barbara) The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki.  THis man is a business genius....or should I just say that he is awake and receptive to what he sees around him and is able to apply common sense and realise that most of it is BS conditioning.  If you want to give yourself or your kids a financial education read "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by the same man.  An excellant read.
BTW, our laptops at home are getting a detox too.  Tai bought us an external 320GB hard drive which arrived today.  Yey!  Will hopefully have more joy uploading vids and pics now.  My computer has space!

On that spacious note...I hope you enjoyed the read

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