Saturday, 11 September 2010

Day 6 and energized

Yep that's loads more energy today.  Still a gurgly tummy but definately a flatter one.    Anyway, I had a really deep sleep and woke up with only 45 mins until my first appointment of the day, so I took my breakfast with me after of course my pint glass of water and lime followed by my 1-4-2 power breathing (which no longer gives me a headache by the way).  Breakfast was: a kiwi, a banana, a delicious nectarine and then I munched on some organic sticky apricots through my meeting and drank a cup of jasmine tea followed by half a cup of vanilla roobois. 
My meeting was actually a business coaching session.  Leicester Business Women support you with access to coaches  and people that can offer you advice and support to effectively run your new business.  This particular lady I met with was amazing.  I'm sure we were destined to meet and she has really helped me structure my next steps.
It was a busy day for me so lots of eating on the go.  My Mum then arrived with baby and a bag of grapes and bananas for me which I ate on the way to his Waterbabies swimming lesson (which is fantastic by the way).  So a couple of underwater swims and jump offs later we went to my Mums and I had a beetroot salad for lunch.
More water in the afternoon and then lots of roasted nuts and seeds for early tea with a big rocket & watercress salad.
Then I repracticed the new sway cha cha turn move for tonights class (it did not work last night at all - my fault entirely).  By now I was feeling mega energized and so rushed off to class and boy was it good.  You ladies were FANTASTIC tonight.  You were cha cha-ing like pro's.  I had put a request out to the universe tonight....and it came true.  The law of attraction has been really working for me lately.  The night before I wanted to reach Blaby in 17 mins and I pulled into that car park bang on 6.17pm.
After class it was a visit over to Fitness First Gym to sort out some stuff and home extremely hungry to an evening meal prepared by my lovely teenage son of even more salad which was actually very yum with flash fried mushrooms and garlic and brown rice & lentils.  By the time the hot shower had finished with me I was krackered.
All in all I LOVED today.  It was great.

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