Saturday, 11 September 2010

Day 7 and poo-ing

I love Fridays.  I consider them to be my days off.  I always feel nicely toned up from the classes, nicely tired and satisfied.  Today however, there was no tiredness.  I still have bags under my eyes but I don't feel that heavyness.  It's great.  One thing I am noticing though is that although I'm still breaking out in spots (common detox side effect), my skin between the spots is getting smoother....especially my bum.  It doesn't feel so rough any more.  Note: no photo available for this thankyou.
I made us all a fresh juice this morning of:
8 organic carrots
4 apples
3 limes
1 lemon
chunk of ginger
half a cucumber
head of broccoli
1 yellow pepper
It was delicious.  That will make a whole jugful which is enough for an 8oz glass for Tai and I and an 8oz bottle for baby plus a jar to put in freezer.
Then realising I had not enough fruit for breakfast I walked into town to the market.  The weather was wild this morning.  Very windy.
I had a brunch today in M&S of salad and jacket potato which I squeezed some of my organic apple juice onto. By the way, the staff in the cafeteria in Marks & Spencer in Leicester are brilliant.  3 members of staff helped or offered to help me independantly including carrying my tray for me when they saw me pushing the baby buggy.  But Oh My God what a discovery of city centre life between 9 & 11 am.  That's a whole different generation of people in town.  I usually get to the market around 4-5pm ish and I just rush in, speed round through the crowds, and out again.  Woh, not this morning.  I my have strutted at my usual quick speed up King Richards Road and along the spacious High Street but as soon as I hit the shops that was it. After a few attempted short cut weaves, I was forced to slow down. This was a good thing for me as I chilled out considerably.  This is not a criticism in any way of the particular generation of people in town at this hour, just merely an observation of something that I'd never noticed before.  By the way, EVERY decent cafe, coffee shop or restaurant that I passed was full.  These people know how to socialize.

I ate much more today because of the workouts over the last few days.  So after breakfast and brunch, I had lunch at home of roasted veg tossed in a squirt of organic tomato puree and sprinkled with chopped fresh red chilli and served over organic rice noodles with some garlic olives on the side.  It was so delicious. 
Rice noodles should not really be part of this detox as - I'm not being racist here - but they are a 'white' product, ie the husk of the rice & most of the goodness has been removed.  I completely forgot.  So if you make this, don't use them or have a little brown rice instead.
Well all that chilli certainly cleared my sinuses out that's for sure.
We then had a lovely afternoon of baby play/trash the house.
After all this food I only wanted something small for evening meal so I had a steamed corn on the cob with olive oil and black pepper followed later by a bowl of oats, flaxseed, almonds, sunflower & pumpkin seeds, & 2 chopped bananas covered with hot oat milk.
I'm now drinking plenty of water this evening as I know I haven't drank enough today.
The reason: you should not drink liquids with meals as it waters down your stomach acid meaning your food will not be digested so efficiently.  You should leave a good half an hour either side of eating before drinking.  So, because I felt like I was constantly eating today, I didn't gulp the water.  Then the good news for those of you thinking "Oooh I'd never lose weight eating so many meals", I weighed myself this evening and I've lost another 1/4 stone.  That's 17lbs now in total since last Saturday, well 7 days.
I know I keep going on about weight.  I did not begin this detox with the intention of losing weight.  I did it with the intention of de-toxing my body of all the c**p I've been carrying around which has given me a jelly belly, grey bumpy skin, no motivation, feeling tired all the time, body aches, and loads of negative thoughts.  I'm using the weight numbers to show you what is possible.  My body will stop when it has gotten rid of anything that is unneccessary.  Think of how a baby poos.  Pretty much after each meal.  That's how we should poo.  Around 3 times a day.  Do we?  Most of us no.  A lot of us poo every morning.  Some of us every night.  Some of us every 2-3 days.  And some of us -as someone told me some years ago - poo once a week....and think that's normal.  FYI It isn't.  You need to get that c**p right out of your body sharpish.  Food is fuel Ladies and Gents (yeah I know there's some guys reading this).  Your food is your life.  It's your life line.  We are a product of what we eat.  We cannot expect to run efficiently without good quality fuel.  Don't eat purely for taste.  Eat for quality.  The taste will come.

And now to bed.  It's late and I'm going to chill with the last chapter of 'Millionaire Women, Millionaire You' book by Stephanie Hale, while doing my 10 power breaths

Taking a fresh glass of water with me
Til next time....happy poo-ing.

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