Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Day 8 and a Wedding Blip...or was it?

Hello there
I've had a bit of a time delay which I'll share, so I'm actually writing this 5 days later than the day.
I felt that today I was surrounded by gorgeous smelling food.  We went into Highfields this morning to shop for material and came out of the shop late morning (with a rumbly tummy) to the smell of I think BBQing jerk chicken.  Basically the whole street smelled like carnival, so my taste buds were definately tempted...thankfully I couldn't see it.  Anyway I went home and roasted a huge pan of nuts and seeds and had these with my salad and loads of olive oil, lemon juice & black pepper.
That night I went to a Wedding where obviously there would be food but I didn't know what kind but guessed it would be buffet style so planned to eat the salad and drink water.  However I didn't have time to eat beforehand as baby was full on today and not his usual independant self, so when we arrived I had an orange juice to stave off the hunger.  The sugar in the juice (from concentrate)  instantly made me feel better so I knew my body hadn't completely cleared itself of the memory of sugar yet.  2 glasses of water later and 2 hours of standing close to the kitchen door where they were preparing all of the home cooked indian food I would have eaten a scabby donkey if it had stood still long enough.  I had also munched some salted crisps while I was waiting.  My gremlin on my shoulder was saying to me
"It's ok, it's just potato & vegetable oil, and at least the orange juice is fruit"
Hmm I'm thinking.  Then we had the call for dinner so we went in to see a table laden with sandwiches, wraps, steaming curries & spicy nibbles, and at the end a huge...and I mean huge cheese selection.  Oh my.  No salad for me then.  I had to make a quick decision (very quick in fact, as we had rushed in to be one of the first.)  To back track slightly.  This morning I had been thinking about this concept of being 'on' a detox which is what I've been saying.  And as I've said in a previous blog, I don't believe that we should go 'on' any diet, detox or whatever.   I believe we should 'live' healthily, happily with energy & balance, making what we choose to eat our fuel for life.  So here I am apparently 'on' my detox having eaten a packet of crisps & drank a sugary orange juice, and possibly about to eat all sorts of delicious food not on the 'do' list.  I wondered if I should have chosen a better time to do it, after all I had known about this wedding for some time.  By the way, the bride was one of our Latin Fit Ladies, who looked beautiful and from what I could see has lost quite a bit of weight since she's been coming to the classes. But then I thought, 'When is the right time to get healthy?'  Often I hear people say that they'll start their diet tomorrow, or Monday or whenever.  I understand that you have to prepare and buy the right foods in the house etc. But if I'd have waited for the perfect time then it never would have happened.  I don't know about you but there is always a wedding, a birthday, a lunch with friends, a hen night or even a dinner with the parents going on.  So there and then I decided that this would be a way of life.  This initial 10 day detox will become a 30 day stint (I've researched this previously as well).  This will then eliminate the being 'on' and then 'off' syndrome.  The on and off thing is not good for the brain or body.  Because it doesn't educate the brain into making healthy choices all the time.  It teaches us that we just do this for a short amount of time then return to 'normal'...whatever that is.  Well 'normal' wasn't serving me very well before.  So now I'm changing my 'normal'.

So I neared the table laden with lucious food.  I picked up my tray and walked past the first half of the table (the sandwich end) with unusual speed and an empty plate.  By now usually, I am holding up the queue as I fill up with every flavour and filling.  I arrived at the curries to discover that all but one were vegetable.  Fantastic.  I filled up with chick peas, yams & veg curry and rice.  I had 2 spicy potato balls and one veg samosa and then was next to the cheese board.  Again, usually, give me a bottle of wine with cheese & crackers and I'm happy.  I reached over and selected............3 sticks of celery.  Oh the willpower!
We plonked down in some comfy chairs at the end of the table right next to the cake and cheese and I contemplated as I ate. 'Have I cheated?', 'Have I failed?', 'Have I given up?'.  The answer to all is NO.  I am real!  I am living!  I made my own choices.  I chose to eat the healthiest (and what turns out the MOST delicious) foods available to me.  I am not in the 'I'm not allowed that' or restrictive mode.  Which by the way is very unhealthy for us. If our brain feels restriction, it will naturally crave something.  Our brain wants to grow and develop. It's the natural way.  Do not create a void by saying 'no' to things.  Encourage growth by saying 'yes' to other things.  So saying 'yes' to more & more vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds,oils,  healthy grains, lentils and beans will mean that there is no room for the other rubbish.
All in all it was a great night & all that spice cleared my sinuses out too.  A Scottish dance and a couple of glasses of water later we headed home.  Even though I know I had white rice , possibly butter in the curry and I'm not sure what flour is used for samosas etc, but I didn't have the heavy bloated feeling that I usually have after pigging out at a wedding.
So all in all, rather a poignant day for me and definately a special day for Victoria & Prash.  Congratulations to them for their Wedding Day and as I write this they will probably be on a Jamaican beach somewhere being served cocktails in the sunshine. 

By the way, here is a picture of what I DIDN'T EAT!  Oh I'm gooood.

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