Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Day 9 and a mood swing

Today was a busy day for me so we had to eat while out and about.  My juice (made fresh from my Phillips juicer) is becoming a habit now for first thing in the morning.  Also before this I'll easily drink a pint of water with lime.  I followed with lots of fruit then got on with my day.  At lunch time however, we ended up in a pub restaurant where huge slabs of cow were displayed all over the menu.  I'd never noticed things like this before but felt quite disturbed by the close up photos of greasy sausages, oily steak with slightly red juice running out and half of a chickens body plastered over the huge menu.  I actually felt queasy looking at it.  Now don't get me wrong, although I don't normally eat meat anyway, I'm not against killing animals for food (although I am against cruelty and unethical care of animals) and I never have a problem watching other people eat meat....hell I've even been partial to the occasional good burger at a party.  But this day it really hit me.  So I searched for the salad option to see a token poor choice.  I opted for more veg curry thinking, well "one more won't hurt".  How many times have I heard that.  It was surprisingly good but again came with more white rice, which is basically like a mild sugar to the body and with hardly any nutritional value. It just fills the spaces up.
On arriving home that afternoon, my mood began to dip.  My motivation and enthusiasm waned and I began to feel more tired than I had in about a week.  I was supposed to get on with this blog and stacks of other work that I've got building up but just couln't bring myself to do anything.  So I went to bed and avoided everything.  I know it was the food..mainly the sugar from eating the rice today and yesterday.  I've felt this before and recognise it. It was the slump after what would have been a high had it actually been something sweet, but was more of a satisfaction because it was a starchy carb.  But the low, was low....not good.  I'm so glad I chose to continue for 30 days and really clear out my body and not just play at it, as I've realised there is so much more crap to go, physically.....and emotionally.  This attitude of procrastination is BS.

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