Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Last Blast before Xmas!

Just a quickie to update you all.  There are now only 2 Weds classes left at Blaby until Jan......and I'm feeling the gap already.  Last night was the last Zumba class at De Montfort Students Union until the new year. I was actually quite sad to be saying "see you next year".  In Narborough too, next Monday is the last one.  All classes will have stopped by the week ending the 24th and will restart with Blaby on the 5th Jan. 
I will post an exact date list over the hols for all venues plus all the new stuff I'll be working on over the hols and bringing to you in the new year.  It's all very exciting. 

So now I'm going to get on with my choreography for tonights almost last blast in Blaby.  (It's a Ricky Martin track...and it's great).

Oh and BTW, just had a facebook chat with a lady that has been to only 5 (I think) of my Zumba classes and is now wearing a dress to her party this weekend, for the first time in years....because now she has a waist!!!  It has taken this amazing lady a long time to motivate herself to come to the classes and I know for a fact that each time has been a mental battle to get there.  I have had some lovely conversations with her...and she has even inspired me to cut down the late night take out food after classes (I thought I was too lazy to cook).  None of her other clothes fit her now..........oh what a problem to have.

I'm telling you.....these classes WORK!

So back to boogying in my pj's in my living room. 

See you all soon.


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