Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Top Class in Blaby.


Here's the recipe (read, ingredients thrown together) for the mega juicy salad I had after the class tonight. It was sooooo delicious.


Salad leaves - use whatever you have. Watercress, rocket, iceberg, spinach, romaine, kos, regular. I used spinach and a little gem lettuce.
Sweet Peppers - I used those long pointy pale green turkish ones with some small red ones too.
Grapes - cut in half
Fresh herbs like coriander or basil - chopped
Spring Onions - chopped
If you like heat then chop up some tiny pieces of habanero (hot) pepper

Hard Boiled Egg - sliced
Feta or Goats Cheese - I used a Greek sheeps milk cheese

Olive oil or any lovely nut oil that you like
Lemon - to squeeze for juice

Seeds - pumpkin, sunflower, sesame etc

Mushrooms - chopped or sliced
Butter & Garlic to fry the mushrooms in

How to do it!
First, put all of the seeds and nuts into a small frying pan with NO oil, and put on a low to medium heat. Shake occasionally to prevent burning.

Wash well, then chop, slice or rip up the main salad ingredients, and put in a large bowl.

Slice or crumble the egg and cheese over salad in the bowl.

Pour and squeeze oil and lemon juice over salad in the bowl.

When seeds and nuts are slightly roasted (they will smell lovely), sprinkle over the salad in the bowl.

Heat the butter on a medium to high heat and add the finely chopped garlic and mushrooms. Fry quickly until they just begin to soften and smell delicious. Sprinkle over the salad.


A yummy fat salad with lots of protein and vitamin C. Just what you need after a good work out!

Til next time, lots of love