Thursday, 9 September 2010

Day 5 and 1 stone lighter

Yep that's right. I weighed myself this morning and I where previously I had been hovering around 11 stone (that's 154lbs if you're American & I don't know the kilo equivalant if you're European).  I was now bang on 10 stone (140lbs).  I know exactly what it was.  CRAP!  Call it poo, faeces, waste or whatever your word is, but basically that's what it was.  From yesterday I stopped messing around and drank the correct amount of water. Enough of the 'I haven't got enough time to drink' excuses. I know that usually at this stage in the detox there are changes.  So, lots of water all last night.  I didn't sleep too well for the first time in ages as my insides were gurgling like crazy.  Eventually I woke and got up at 4am and got on with some of my marketing stuff for the biz.  I had many trips to the loo and finally went back to bed at about 8am (as baby was with my Mum) thinking I had better get some sleep, but I just couldn't sleep and was ready to get up. This was the second sign that things were shifting for the better (the first being the trips to the loo).  That was when I weighed myself.  Now I want to add here that's it's not about the actual amount we weigh that's important it's more about the % of body fat we have but I'm just using it as something that you may relate to.  The scales that I own I bought when I was pregnant to weigh baby when he was born and are propped on their side most of the time unused.  I just check from time to time, more just lately because I've getting bigger around the middle hence this detox. So although many slimming and weight loss companies use pounds lost, points, & calorie counting as a means of measurement, this is not ideal.  You can lose a lot of pounds eating packaged meals with a low 'point' value.  However, you will NOT be healthy, and if you stay on those same foods, you could damage your health long term as they contain artificial sweeteners, preservatives and very few nutrients.  It's the quality of the calories if you like, that are important.  I hear many many times when people see me eating nuts "ooh I couldn't eat those, they are FULL of calories/fat"
"Yep, that's right.  GOOD calories/fat"
Somebody is getting very financially fat from your ill health.
And why must you go 'on' a diet.  You don't need to go 'on' a diet.  You need to 'change' your diet.  Well if you want to shift any unhealthy weight that is.  Okay, I am currently 'on' a detox.  This is the introduction to my 'change' in diet.  My diet is what I eat, not something I go on.  I go 'on' holiday.  Well I wish I did more often anyway ha ha!
Right I think my little rant is over.  Where was I?
Aaah.  My colonic appointment was at 11 am today, so already feeling pretty 'rinsed out' from my water consumption, I went along to Beau Aesthetica Spa & Clinic on Allendale Road in Stoneygate, Leicester.  I've had colonics here before and they are brilliant.  Am & her husband Kam are great people and really look after you.  I chose them because they use what is called a 'Libbe' system of colonic irrigation. There are very few places that use this to my knowledge. Basically what it means is the water is gravity fed, not pumped into you.  Also you insert the pipe yourself, in total privacy.  It is very narrow and very easy to do, just a bit strange to do first time.  The water temperature can be controlled and the room is candle lit and lovely and warm.  I just laid myself back and watched 'Friends' on the flat screen TV high up on the wall.
Without going into too much graphic detail, there was quite a bit of mucus that came out.  This is from dairy products ie my lazy lattes when certain coffee shops didn't sell soya.  And my cheese fest as soon as I stopped breast feeding.  I know dairy products are so bad for you but it was a slope I'd been slipping too far down just lately.  You know the packet of blue cheese that my Mum had over, the milky hot chocolate while out (even tho it was organic, it's still organic mucus), shop bought soups with a milk or cream base.  Not good!  Dairy is one of the major causes of the big C.  It is extremely acidic to the body.  It will coat your intestinal wall with mucus, thus preventing the absorption of nutrients from all of the good foods you are eating.  Your body cells should be circularish with very smooth slippy bouncy walls.  When they become acidic ie from dairy, meat, alcohol, sugar and stress amongst other things, then the walls become rough and jagged and the cells begin to get stuck together.  More get stuck until a cluster forms which gets bigger and bigger and then what do you have?  A tumour.  I had my bloods analysed in 2005 and actually saw my cells under the microscope.  I could see quite clearly which ones were smooth and which were jagged.  To actually see this was such a jolt.  The doctor accurately explained what my emotional and physical health had been like over the previous 5 years.   She told me when I'd been stressed and how I'd been eating.  It was freaky .........and a little scary.  It was like she'd been a fly on my wall.  That was the point when I really began to manage my life better and look beyond the present day.  I just thought, you know what, this is not bloody rocket science.  It is so simple to get my cells smooth.  I've looked into this, (particularly by reading parts of 'The China Study' by Thomas & Colin Campbell) and it has proven that we can actually turn cancerous cells back into normal healthy cells by filling our bodies' with nutrients from natural pure foods and removing or at least drastically reducing stress.
So, from now on, no more milk for me. 

Anyhow, later on I came to Blaby to do the Latin Fit class, and what can I say but a massive Well Done to the ladies present, as I was all over the shop.  I counted you in wrong more than once or twice.  I barely made it to the end as I was feeling like I was going to throw up.  I don't think that amount of exertion after a colonic was the best order of things. I know I usually sweat, but tonight I sweated and dripped and sweated some more.  My advice if you have a colonic.  Go home and have a sleep afterwards, and then stay home and rest and drink water or fresh made juices.
All in all tho, a very productive day.
I still haven't bought my rebounder which is basically a mini trampoline.  You bounce very gently up and down on this for about 20-30 mins a day or as I have done in the past, you put on the radio or some great music and bounce/dance to 3-4 songs twice a day.
This is a pic of a room full of them when I was at my Anthony Robbins Life Mastery seminar.  And here's us in action.

We bounced every morning to really loud music and batted a huge beachball around, and the same at the beginning of the afternoon.  Great fun.
So if you have a rebounder then get to it.  If you don't, then be like me and go get one.  I think Argos sell them or sports shops.
I must go.  Gotta repractice my moves....after a pint glass of water with fresh lime....ooh lovely.