Sunday, 30 January 2011

Extra ZUMBA Fitness class

Hi all
This year so far has been I'm sure if you've been to a class have realised.  There are so many people wanting to get fit right now.  I have to apologise to those of you that have called/texted/emailed me over the last first weeks or even turned up, and haven't been able to get into a class. 

So....I believe in solving a problem if I can, so to meet the demand I've put on an extra ZUMBA(R) Fitness class starting on Tues 1st Feb at De Montfort Students Union at 8pm.  This will run half an hour after the previous class at 6.30pm giving time for the early class to leave, the late class to sign in, and me to drink loads of water and change my sweaty top.

For the first week you will need to book your place to get in (for all classes).  After that it will be on a 1st come, 1st entry system, with sign in available no more than 30 mins before the class starts EXCEPT for Fitness First on a Weds night at 8pm.  That will remain as booking only.  Please though, if you want to come to that one, let me know so you can go onto the reserve list.  People contact me throughout the week if they can't make because of work comittments, sickness etc, & then I re-alocate the space, so there maybe a chance.  Some of you have already done this and turned up and were able to get in and we all had a great time.

I am really loving the energy in the classes so far this year.  All of you are really playing full out, and letting go.  It's so inspiring to see you all enjoying yourselves. I do keep my ear to the wire and I've been hearing that quite a few of you have been losing weight, able to wear smaller clothes and generally really feeling the benefits.  Feel free to email me with your goals or results so far  It really does help me plan my routines and it keeps me going, knowing that I'm helping you in some way. 

As with most jobs, the majority of my time is taken up with paperwork, phonecalls & general correspondence. The next portion of time is devoted to the choreography & the music, and the smallest portion of time is spent on actually dancing around in the classes teaching you all.  That is obviously the most enjoyable, which is why I really appreciate it when you all participate fully and really get yourselves fit.

So, on that note I shall see all you lovely people in your Latin FitTM or Zumba(R) Fitness class very soon.


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