Sunday, 6 March 2011

No Classes this Week except for De Montfort Students Union

Hi Guys
Just to let you know, that I'm away all this week.  Technically I'm supposed to be skiing.  But in reality I'm probably spending the week in the jacuzzi, eating great (vegan and healthy!!!!) food and drinking quality wine here in France with friends, getting some serious R & R.  All ready to come back more energised than ever.

So my loyal friends and class mates, there will be no classes this week EXCEPT for the Tuesday classes at De Montfort Students Union.  A lovely fellow Zumba instructor called Rebecca will be taking those classes.  My people will be on the door as usual so you'll be greeted by a familiar face.  So if you are a Fitness First regular and don't want to miss out on a workout this week, then get yourself around the corner to the DSU.  There are 2 classes.  6.30pm and 8.00pm.  You can sign in from 30 mins before each class starts.  So that's from 6 for the 6.30pm class , and from 7.30 for the 8pm class.

There is no LATIN FIT unfortunately, as so far there is no one to cover.......HOWEVER, soon there will be!  Another lovely lady (and fellow class mate) is currently training to be qualified in LATIN FIT and will soon have a class of her own, and be able to help me out.

So ladies and (a few) gents.  I hope you make it along to the DSU this week. (The entrance is next to Spar on Bonners Lane, and says LEVEL 1 above the door.  Parking is free after 6pm in the street spaces around, and there is a car park opposite that is also available after 6pm - even the disabled spaces). If not....take a tip from keep up the the usual time of your class, switch on the radio or put on your favourite CD and TURN IT UP....shut the door, and dance your little a***s off.  Have fun....How does the Danish proverb go?  Dance like no-one is looking, Love like you've never been hurt!!!

So, I promise not to break anything while I'm here, and return with renewed energy and all that goes with it.

See you the week after.

Oh and by the way, well done to those who attended the Zumba Party at The Stage Hotel in Wigston on Friday.  You were amazing.  I think it was about 4 hours in all of solid dancing.  If you want to view some videos then check out the profile page on Facebook.  Look at KATHY HECTOR.  Also feel free to share your thoughts on LATIN FIT or ZUMBA LEICESTER.

Sending you LATIN FIT & ZUMBA love xxxxxx

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