Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Hello all,
I'm back after a week in sunny-ish Turkey to not so sunnyish-UK.  Although it was nice to be away.  I did miss the music from my classes.
This is just a quick one, as my eyes are so heavy....(& it's just midday....need a snooze before tonights big one).

Tonight is the my first ZUMBA® class at the brand new Dance Fit Studio on the High Street in Leicester.  It's been a long time coming but it's finally here....and better than originally planned, so it was definately worth the wait.
It's at 6.45pm and will replace the original De Montfort Students Union class for the summer season.  Those of you with an NUS card can still have student discount....though I have increased  it slightly to £3.50!....Come on I've seen the price of food and drink in that SU bar.  The door price there was cheaper than a sandwich or burger.  It lasts a lot longer in time AND on your body.
Anyway, the NUS discount will apply to ANY of the classes, not just Tuesdays, so more choice for those of you that have cards.

My son Tai started his first ZUMBA® class at the studio last night.  Think he was quite nervous but was absolutely fine once he started dancing.....and CAN THIS BOY DANCE OR WHAT!  You've got to see it to believe it.   His classes are
Mondays at 6.30pm.  By the way, if you can't make it and want to see him in action, then go along to the Curve Theatre July18th-23rd and see him in West Side Story.  He plays the Sharks gang leader Bernardo.  He'll be dancing AND singing....so a double dose of talent.

Julie Moulds is now qualified as a new LATIN FIT teacher and after being really thrown in at the deep end recently by covering some of my classes, she's now got her own that started last week 9th May at The lovely old Manor House off the Narborough Road.  Her classes are at 7.30pm every Monday, and also sometimes she'll be teaching the new LATIN FIT class at Dance Fit Studio....which brings me to my next point.

The Thursday LATIN FIT class is back.  This time at the earlier time of 5.30pm, at the new Dance Fit Studio, on High Street.  I've been trying to fit this class back in for ages, but what with my baby, Alexander surging forward into toddlerhood and my bigger baby Tai charging into adulthood, life has been hectic.  This earlier time means that if you work in the city centre, you may be able to come straight after work (which was quite a common request when we were down at the West End Centre), plus I can fit it in before babys' bed time.

The Blaby Classes are still going strong, though missing a few of the original LATIN FITmembers.  Where are you?  We miss you.  I'm very impressed with those of you that do both ZUMBA® and LATIN FITback to back.

Fitness First is as amazing as ever.  The atmosphere in the room is incredible...and it's you all that makes it so.  I must ask again though that if you book a place for the Fitness First class and cannot make it....PLEASE let me know by the latest 3pm (unavoidable circumstances completely forgiven of course), on the day as I have to leave my house at 4pm to battle through the traffic to get to my earlier Blaby classes on time.    Some people are still booking places and not showing up at all.  This isn't fair on those that really want to get in.  If you've ever attended this class, you'll know that it's up close and personal in there.  We can see the whites of each others eyes and feel the sweat too.  Now this isn't for everyone, so if you want more space for your workout, then come to Blaby or the new Dance Fit Studio (now before it fills up).  However this close up thing, IS the ZUMBA® style.  This is the formula they teach us.  It's meant to be party style as opposed to exercise class style. 

The recent filming that we did on the Weds night at both Blaby and Fitness First looks brilliant by the way.  Everyone looks fantastic, and I mean EVERYONE.  I'm sure the presence of the camera made you workout just that little bit more.  It hasn't been edited yet so as soon as it is I'll let you all know.  One thing I did notice though, was that bright colours looked excellant on film.  The brightly coloured clothing that some of you wore looked really flattering which got me to thinking.  How about we all make that effort to be just that little bit bolder when we come to a class.  Leave the baggy T-shirt at home, put on a brighter more flattering top.  Let your belly show if you like....hey I get mine out and it's not always at it's best!!!  It changes shape quicker than a piece of  Play-Doh.
No-one is there to judge, we're there to get fitter and have a good time for an hour or so.  Let's use that time that we're away from the kids, and work and the family to really be ourselves.  Let all our inhibitions go along with the stresses of the day.  Let's leave all our problems at the door (we can collect them again on the way out...hey I'll even bring a bin bag for you to put them in if you like), shed the baggage, be that bit lighter and really (as the Danish Proverb says) "dance like no-one is looking".

Let us be bold, be bright and be proud of who we are!!

To your continued fitness.

Kathy x

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