Sunday, 17 July 2011

Why did you want to get fit in the first place?

Have you lost a bit of motivation lately?

Is it getting harder to say no to the fatty foods and easier to stay home hanging out in the garden with a glass of wine or catching up with some telly after work, than going out to that fitness class?

What story are you telling people…and yourself, as to why it’s just not working anymore.

WHY did you start on this getting fit journey in the first place?

What started it all off?

These are some of the comments I’ve heard in passing:
I want my jeans to fit a bit better.
I want to be able to wear a bikini this summer.
I want to attract a nice man.
I want to have a bit more energy to keep up with my kids or grandkids
I want to get rid of some of this damn stress!!

Now although these are all excellent points. They’re not very personal and usually not enough to get you off the sofa if you’re feeling a bit crap or something good is on the telly. 

So is your big WHY, along the lines of........

‘I want to get fit so that I don’t have to go up another size in my work uniform’

or more like........

"I overheard that B***h from human resources laughing with her mates at how my backside was hanging over the side of the chair in that meeting the other day.  She thought I couldn't hear her.  I wanted to crawl away and die, I felt so embarrassed".

Now I know it may seem depressing and unproductive to drag up painful thoughts that you have buried. In actual fact it can prove to be very productive…if you use these thoughts in the right way. Don’t let them drag you down. Turn them around and use them as fuel to get your arse off that sofa or out of bed in the morning, or to SAY NO to that 5th cake.

People that have their ‘WHY’ out in front of them are not complete hard-core fitness freaks, neither are they perfect eaters.

They’re FOCUSED!

They know that when they choose to go to that class after a long stressful day at work. The decision is not based on guilt or just because they’ve already paid for their class up front. It’s because the PAIN of not going is so IMMENSE that it overrides EVERYTHING else. By not going, they know the thing that was so painful to cause them to make this decision to get fit in the first place will creep up and bite them again.

How do you find your real ‘WHY’.

Dig deep.  Find that memory.  That defining moment that was the turn around point.

If you don't have one conciously then I'll bet you have one subconciously.  Something that you only admit to yourself in your deepest thoughts.  I'm not saying, that you should climb onto your roof and announce it to the world.

What I'm saying is ADMIT IT TO YOURSELF.

This will create so much power that you'll be unstoppable.  You might even break down and cry first. 

GOOD!  Then you know it's REAL.


Your WHY has to be so emotional that it creates motion (e-motion……get it) .i.e. it gets you to actually MOVE and do something about your situation. When you have your WHY, nothing and no-one can stop you.

It’s either going to be an ‘AWAY’ emotion or a ‘TO’ emotion. Some people operate better by running ‘AWAY from something than working ‘TOWARDS’ something that they desire. This is because most people know what they ‘DON'T’ want but are not exactly clear on what they ‘DO’ want in life.

Make it STRONG. Make it PERSONAL, and most of all make it REAL.

I’ll finish with the WHY I remember reading by a very famous woman in her day. You may have heard of her.  Her name is Susan Powter and she wrote the book Stop the Insanity, after she had been putting up with her husband’s cheating and lying, trying to constantly win him over by being skinny. (How many of us have been here eh). He left her anyway which sent her spiralling downwards into depression and upwards in weight….She ballooned up to 260 pounds. She ‘sat and watched’ countless exercise videos of skinny lycra clad fitness gurus bouncing about in fake living rooms…(the emphasis here is on the ‘sitting and watching’). Then one day her ex-husband came over unexpectedly to pick up the kids with his new slender gorgeous girlfriend, and Susan hid behind the sofa too scared to answer the door. When they’d gone she realised that she was stuck and couldn’t get up!
THAT was her defining moment. THAT was her WHY!

She started walking. Every day, just a little more each time. She made a decision in that moment on that day while wedged behind the sofa that that would NEVER happen to her again. She lost all her weight and became superfit.  She applied some basic common sense principles which were to move, eat, and breathe.  But most importantly, she stopped LYING TO HERSELF and admitted SHE WAS FAT and SHE WOULD DIE IF SHE DIDN'T DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

So, fantastic ladies, what is YOUR defining moment?  What is your WHY?
I implore you to find it now. When you do, you won’t need willpower. It’ll be automatic. You just have to zone into that part of you that knows your REAL REASON for getting fit.

Make life easy for yourself. When you’ve dug deep and got it. Write it, record it, video it and put it on your fridge, your phone or on your screensaver, or even your front door.


With love and respect.


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