This is literally what it says.  Plus it will clear YOU out too, if you know what I mean.   I needed to go to the market to restock in fruit & veg but my fridge had a lot of old Christmas stuff hanging around.  Some was too soft to eat (and enjoy), but perfect for juicing.  Some, like the broccoli stalk & inner core of the pineapple is stuff that would go in the bin if I didn't have a juicer.
The final result.  A weeks supply of really delicious juice for baby and me. 

10 carrots
1 parsnip
1 broccoli stalk
3/4 bunch of celery
5 medium oranges
10 kiwi (gone squishy)
Inner core of the pineapple
3 chinese pears
1 regular pear
2 big apples (gone a bit soft)
1 lemon
5 nectarines (gone a bit soft & dry)

Wash them all with veggie wash, leave to stand for a few mins then wash & scrub with lukewarm water.
Add everything to the juicer one by one. Start & finish with carrots (they help to clear the blades of any softer fruit pulp).

Pour into glass jars immediately and store in your freezer until needed.  Take one out the night before you need it and it'll be ready to drink in the morning.

Should make about 10 jars plus enough for a glass now.